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I don't often watch videos till the end when I'm in a gallery, not unless there is a nice comfy seat or a beanbag or something. In 2016 I founded the BF Artist Film Festival so that video artists could have their work screened in a cinema setting where it could be started at the start and watched all the way through.


I selected the programme from an open call. It was made up of short narrative films, documentaries, experimental/essay films, animation, music videos and video collage. As I am interested in storytelling, humour and pop culture there was generally a lot of voiceover, a few wigs, some appropriated cartoons and at least one musical number. 


There were 10 festival programmes between 2016-19, some of which were screened multiple times. I worked with 150 artist film-makers. The BF Artist Film Festival was hosted by The Bomb Factory Art Foundation, Art Week Exeter,  SET Dalston, east bristol contemporary, serf Leeds, GRAFT Lancaster, Nottingham Trent University,  nodoCCS Venezuela, Pixelache Festival Helsinki, and FOLD London as part of the Art Licks Weekend 2019.



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